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As a writer you are most readable - humourous, leading the reader on, putting things in a contemporary and user-friendly way, and with a sense of infectious joy in your discoveries.

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Anyone with a yen to explore the mysteries of the Scriptures and meet the totally Jewish Messiah of whom they speak will love this book. Michele Guinness, author I enjoyed reading this and found your style of writing to be exciting and creative with a clear pastoral and evangelistic warmth. You share with the reader many key Biblical insights into the person and work of Jesus which leads to much refreshed thinking- I hope the book does well and I will certainly be recommending it within the context of some CMJ gatherings Rev.

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I just love the way you make what can be quite complicated theology both accessible and fun. There is some stuff which I already know but it's presented in a way which makes it enjoyable and really good revision. Kit Eglinton, web consultant and counsellor Written at great cost. Yes, it's an unusual name, but it's just a name, no significance, no hidden relevance. Our first ministry was to provide engaging and entertaining web chats, at Saffron Planet , for which we have won two awards. This newer ministry is our publishing company, currently offering books just from a single author, me, Steve Maltz.

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Man of Many Minds

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    Man of Many Minds

    He adds:. The taciturn, slightly introverted Nordic crime heroes have their own dark aura; they are lone wolves in a barren, cold part of the world, eternally engaged in an uncompromising quest for truth and clarification. And that whole idea of a lost paradise is crucial to an understanding of Nordic crime: the well-ordered, social democratic society that is being attacked from within by violence, corruption, and murder. Crime fiction has turned out to be an excellent tool for revealing the rot in society, the abuse of power, and greed, and therefore lends itself to social criticism.

    Yet Horst highlights that readers find more varied and less predictable imagery in Nordic crime novels.

    And of course their private life reflects the way we live together here in the Nordic countries. In crime fiction series, readers can follow their heroes through different phases of their life: they age and change, and the heroes are given the kind of credibility and depth that is required of the characters portrayed in other types of fiction.

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