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Description Folklore fieldwork assignment presenting several accounts of Witch Hecate in Logan Canyon. Page 3 Personal Experience with Hecida. Anne's Retreat. Page St. Page Personal Experience at St. Page The "Real" Story of St. People's reaction when asked to be interviewed varied from one extreme to another. The great diversity in the version of the story from one person to the next was remarkable. In the following essay I will attempt to explain these statements as well as make some additional assertions. The topic I chose for my paper is the Ledgends of Logan Canyon.

Items 11 and 12 are just miscellaneous stories about Logan Canyon that I chose to include because I wanted to illustrate that there are many, many other ledgends about Logan Canyon other than the two main stories of St.

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Anne's and Witch Hecida. Anne's is located about five miles up Logan Canyon. There are many people who are sure that they know the "real" story about what happened there, but they all disagree about it. One of the "real" stories that I heard indicated that nuns were never at St. The University was too slow in accepting it so the family decided to donate it to the Catholic church.

I was only able to obtain a very limited amount of facts about St. It was built sometime during the 's and it eventually burned down. The ledgends are built around the demise of the retreat. The stories range from a hermit coming down out of the hills and killing all of the nuns to a story where it is actually the Mother Superior who does the killing. There is alot of diversity in who was really killed. One story states that all of the nuns got killed, whereas another story tells of babies that belonged to the nuns were drown in the swimming pool.

The most detailed description of St. Anne's is found in Item 9. All that is now left of the original retreat is a swimming pool and the cement foundation of the original building. When the Catholic church began prospering in the valley the Mormons resented it.

When St. Anne's actually did burn the locals probably seized upon this as a chance to exploit the Catholic church and point out that this would never have happened if the Catholics were not wicked. Once it was a generally accepted fact that something Rad been going on at St. Anne's that shouldn't have been going on, the stories probably had free rein of the imagination. Stories began circulating that one of the nuns had gone crazy and killed her sister nuns.

Other stories say that a 15 year old girl that the nuns had been taking care of had killed the nuns. There are two details that are included in most versions of the St. Anne's story.

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One detail is that there are generally dogs somewhere in the story. No one seems to know where the dogs came from, but they are there all the same. In most of the stories the do. The swimming pool is always used as a means by which someone is murdered. Someone is thrown in the pool by someone else and drown. The swimming pool is still there today and is the factor that convinces alot of people of the validity of these stories.

Witch Hecida stories offer even a greater variation between versions than doe ,; the St. Anne's stories. In each story Witch Hecida is in an entirely different location. Item 1. Item 3. But the most amazing story is that Witch Hecida came from St. A couple of people I talked to told me that they knew the stories of St.

Anne's and Witch Hecida, but they refused when I told them that their stories were going to be included in the Archives. Generally once people started talking and began telling me their stories they loosened up and would tell me anything I wanted to know. I would ask my informants questions to help draw similarities between the different versions. My father is an Economics professor here at USU.

My mother is My parents are the best anyone could ever ask for. I am the sixth out of seven children in our family.

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We have very strong family ties. I wouldn't trade my family experiences for anything. The reason I chose to do my paper on the legends of Logan Canyon is because I have lived here my entire life and I h. I was interested to see what other people thought of these stories and I was interested in collecting different versions of the same story.

I am fascinated by people, and I enjoy doing projects that allow me to gain a better understanding of people and why they function like they do. This paper has given me an opportunity to get some insights that I otherwise would never have been able to gain. My hobbies include reading, being with and observing people, and sports. I could watch professional football forever! I also like participating in almost all sports. He is the presently the president of the Honors Program at U. He has served an LDS mission. He contributed items 3 and 8 in this paper.

Bryon is a Freshman at Utah State University.

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He was born in Logan and was raised in College Ward, Utah. He is currently waiting for his mission call.

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Bryon does not play with ouija boards since his experiences at St. He took those events seriously and will have nothing to do with ouija boards or St. Anne's Retreat now. He contributed items 7 and 9. Chris was the most anxious to tell her stories of the people I interviewed.

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She is a Freshman at Utah State University. She was by far the most cofrorful story teller I talked to. Items 1,4,5 and 10 belong to her. He has lived in Cache Valley allt of his life. He is preparing for an LDS mission and will leave in June of this year. He enjoys skiing and playing racquetball. He contributed items 2,6and Bruce was raised in southeastern Idaho.

He was active in the Boy Scout program in Cache Valley. He served a mission in Alabama. His hobbies include snow skiing and reading. He contributed items number Chris honestly believes that there is such a person as Witch Hecida. Her personal experience with Hecida is recounted in a later item. There was a camping excersion.

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She Witch Hecida was just a young girl and they all went up the canyon partying that night. They were all partying around and evidently one of the guys got rough and they took advantage of her and she was really upsec and really mad. She went after them and they were all drunk and laughing at her and she said, "don't do that" and she tried to fight them off, but they jumped her. She felt really bad, and they were all still so drunk and afterwards she was just kinda mad at them.

She went after them with a club and they were all laughing and they pushed her into the water. She was drunk in the place and she drown, a young girl drown.

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The guys didn't know what to do.