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Some are made in the literati style, meaning that they tend to use expressionistic brushwork and were painted as an expression of personal creativity.

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Yu Fei'an China, , Vegetables. Then, you can focus on a few artists who work in that milieu, and get to know their works intimately. Pu Ru , Study with Grandson. It is believed that an evil person cannot make a fine work of art. The vehicle through which an artist communicates is ultimately the brushwork.

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Are his or her strokes bold and sure, or are they nuanced and restrained? Did he or she use many strokes of different kinds, or just a few, brilliantly placed? Xu Xi , Fishing Village. Instead, she suggests following your instinct when collecting, and buying something that delights you.

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Almost any work made in pre-modern times will have gone through some repairs, Hammer notes. Traditionally, Chinese paintings are only taken out and viewed on special occasions, which serves to preserve their condition. About Me : WenFangSiBaoWu online store carries all kinds of Chinese painting supplies, mulberry papers, single or double Xuan rice paper, feaher, brushes,inkstone,inkstick, paperweight, Painting book, calligraphy book ,etc.

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Recent Feedback. See Details. Wang and studied ink painting with him for more than a quarter century.

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Under the tutelage of C. Such rare experiences are similarly afforded Tai Xiangzhou, who to this day remains the dedicated student of renowned artist Liu Dan b. By studying traditional Chinese painting in depth with these mentors, Chang and Tai have both inherited a rich artistic pedigree that places their own landscapes within a broader art-historical context.

We can trace the influence of both modern and ancient masters within their works; both Arnold Chang and Tai Xiangzhou have taken their own interpretation of the shanshui tradition and translated it into a unique contemporary mode of expression. His painting Landscape [ With gestural and self-assured brushwork, Chang encourages onlookers to explore his conceptualized vision of shanshui from different angles and perspectives. Often interpreting the style and brushwork of historical masterpieces, Tai confidently assumes different brush and layered ink-wash techniques to form spectacular mountainscapes that provide a backdrop to detailed mist, rocks, trees and waterfalls.

Emphasizing the mastery of artistic form over pure naturalism, Genesis [