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Why so many New Mexicans? Where were they imprisoned? Where do I look for information? What is the Bataan Memorial Death March? How do I apply for the Prisoner of War Medal? Aggies Aggies of the Pacific War.

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From the defense of Bataan and POW camps, and 'up the ladder' to the liberation of the Philippines and the surrender of Japan, they were involved. He grew up on stories of Aggie Greats. This is his tribute to those Aggies of the Pacific War. Publisher: Sunflower University Press. Copies may be obtained from: Amazon. The details of thirty months of brutality, starvation and terror. The flashes of hope and prayer — and the January 30, dramatic rescue by the 6th Army Rangers under intrepid Colonel Henry Mucci, whose handful of rugged men were required to take a blood oath, hiked 30 miles behind Jap lines to bring the POWs out alive and unharmed.

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Gallant Rangers wiping out several hundred Jap guards, snatching over skeletons from certain death and moving them by night to freedom. A story as told exactly as it happened to the author by the one known survivor of Zero Ward and documented in his secret personal notes. Once a forbidden story, not to be told. Carlos Carlos: A Tale of Survival. This book follows him through the lean times of the Great Depression, to enlistment in the National Guard toward the end of the s, and then mobilization and deployment to the Philippines immediately prior to WWII.

Shortly after he arrives in the Philippines and eight hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Navy attacks Manila and Clark Field, and for the next four months, the Philippine and U. Armies fight to hold the Bataan peninsula until reinforcements arrive.

Unlike a Hollywood movie, the cavalry doesn't come to save the day, and approx. What follows is the notorious Bataan Death March, where thousands died over a span of about fifteen days, then torturous work details and months of starvation in camps across the Philippines. He is eventually transported to mainland Japan via hellship, and spends the remainder of the war as a slave in the freezing environment of northwest Japan, working like a pack-mule, loading coal. In after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the emperor surrendered unconditionally and Carlos was liberated and returned to society.

There he quickly learned that the war had not only changed the society he left behind in , but the three years and ten months that he spent as a prisoner of the Japanese military had also changed him in ways that he and those around him were only beginning to see. Boellner The December Ship. A Story of Lt. Arden R.

The Bataan Death March and the 66-Year Struggle for Justice

One curious thing led to another. Time and events began to unravel in astounding order. Would anyone remember him? Did I truly want to know the terrible events of what had really happened to him, details that had always been hushed? The search began.

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Somewhat slowly, somewhat with a painful reluctance. Each of them, and there were so many, shared their experiences with me. Some had been close friends of my father. What they have given me, the warmth and comfort of just knowing, may these pages repay in part. George Weller, Anthony Weller. Every great war correspondent has an important story that got away—that was banned by someone in authority, censored into silence and never appeared.

For my father, it was linked to one of the cataclysmic events of the 20th century. As the first outsider to reach Nagasaki, in September , four weeks after the Japanese city was torched by the atomic bomb and still under a news blackout, he defied the orders of Gen. MacArthur forbidding reporters from entering either of the nuclear cities. After sneaking in by boat and train and brazenly telling the Japanese military he was not a newspaperman but a U.

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His stories never reached his editors at the Chicago Daily News, and until recently, were believed lost. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his story of an emergency appendectomy aboard a US submarine in enemy waters. Publisher: Trafford Publishing. Copies may be obtained from: Trafford Publishing Promises! This story is based on the lives of soldiers I met in basic training at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, the men I met on Bataan and in the prisoner of war camps.

This is their story of why they surrendered, why they gave up after all physical strength was gone, and why they died. This is the story of a New Testament, a billfold and a list that made it through all the searches by the Japanese during those three and a half years.

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The Bible was used many times to comfort these men in their final hours. The battered billfold held the few pieces of paper with vital information and the list of men in Battery E of the th, who made it through the first attack on Clark Field on December 8, , and dates of death for many. This is a story of friendship that helped me be one of the survivors of the Japanese prison camps, the hell ships and World War II. But most of all, this is a testimony of the Grace of God toward me in the hours of need.

I can only pray that He will sustain and comfort you as you read these words, as he did me as a P. I express my appreciation to those who have helped and encouraged me to write this story of my experiences. My children have asked me to write down my memories. I especially wish to express appreciation to my wife for the many hours she spent to help edit the story for publication. I could not have completed the writing without her help. I appreciate the front cover design by my nephew, Joel Freeland. Thank you to each one for your help and encouragement.

Robinson Valor Four Trails to Valor. Each trail is shaped by the basic elements of earth, sky, and water. She has served as historical consultant for two film documentaries on the Battle of Bataan and the ensuing POW experience, and appears in both films as commentator. This book, now, classic, is widely regarded as the definitive volume on the subject.

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Dorothy Cave. Bataan, the last bastion stemming the Japanese tidal wave across the Pacific, was about to fall. In the midst of crashing bombs and depleted stores, the vastly outnumbered lines broke and commands disintegrated.

With only rifles, a few rounds of ammunition, and an unshakable esprit de corps, they prepared to die but not surrender. Store Locations. After the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in December, , and the subsequent fall of Manila, defending American and Filipino troops withdrew to the Bataan peninsula. For four months these troops, badly outnumbered and crippled by starvation and disease, fought a gallant holding action against the Japanese.

When they surrendered in April, , they were subjected to the infamous "death march" to prison camp. Thousands died, and those who survived faced the ordeal of further harsh treatment by the Japanese.