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As a Registered Nurse, it is important for me to give evidence-based, excellent and compassionate nursing care to all of my patients. I prepared myself for this appointment by gathering dressing change supplies including sterile normal saline, antibiotic ointment, non-stick dressing pads, rolled gauze and paper tape.

I tried not to think about my own daughter. The patient arrived in my office, accompanied by their mother. Subjectively I noticed that the mother appeared to be approximately my age, late 40s early 50s, and had a tired look about her. She appeared to try to smile, but it looked more like a grimace, and there was a very sad look in her eyes. The patient appeared to be male, spoke comfortably to me, and sat in the patient chair, with their arm set up on a tray I had placed over the chair. The entire diameter of the forearm was substantially reduced from the unaffected arm.

The wound encompassed the full diameter of the left forearm, from just below the elbow joint to just above the wrist. The tattoo was completely gone from the site of the wound. Clear drainage was oozing from the entire wound. I applied a large amount of Fucidin a prescription-grade antibiotic ointment to the site, using a sterile tongue depressor to smear the antibiotic ointment onto the entire wound. I used numerous non stick gauze dressings to the site, and secured the dressings to the arm using a roll of clinging gauze dressing which I secured with paper tape.

The patient tolerated this procedure very well. There was some discomfort, but overall the procedure went smoothly. After the patient and the mother left the appointment with me, I had to compose myself.

My Childhood of Gender Confusion - Gender Dysphoria Stories

It was extremely upsetting and the memory will stay with me for a very long time. As an RN, seeing the condition of the forearm donor site, the only word that came to my mind was mutilation.

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It was healthy forearm tissue which was removed — not tissue removed because of disease or trauma. I am also a mum. I am a recent detransitioner who struggled with dysphoria. It all came to a head when I was 25 and I began testosterone. I had top surgery early last year. In retrospect, I was very unstable when I began transition. I had hit a major milestone 25 and felt like my life was going nowhere. I was aware that I had co-morbid depression and anxiety, but I was scared that if I tried to address those issues first, I would be the ONE unlucky person who would be prevented from transitioning lol.

The US election scared me into having surgery and changing my legal documents before I was truly ready. Lots of paranoia, anger, fear.

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I quickly developed a phobia of doing the shots myself- my best friend did all of them after the first few. I felt like a burden. I was very clearly suffering from thoughts of worthlessness that I absolutely believe exacerbated or caused the dysphoria. I cried a lot, had emotional breakdowns.

Transgender To Transformed – Find hope and freedom from gender dysphoria in Jesus!

I started having sleep disturbances, so I finally became desperate enough and started anti-depressants earlier this year. Within a couple of months, I experienced a decrease in dysphoria and an increase in clear, level-headed thought. I do feel that I am doing better now- calmer, at least. I wanted to be male in the same way someone might want blue eyes instead of brown- except that people understandably take sex Much More Seriously than eye color. I also had a huge crush on a gay boy and I read into that a lot.

House passes restrictions on teaching about gender dysphoria

I was very shy about my romantic interests, so I never did tell him before we went separate ways. I thought maybe I was reincarnated or maybe in some kind of Truman Show scenario. I was also smart enough to know that these ideas were ridiculous and not to talk about it. I was never overtly delusional to the casual observer, but there were a lot of other issues that I was struggling with and imagination was my coping mechanism. I found out about FTMs at 16 and I told my mom at She was the first adult that I told and I had no idea how she was going to react. My step-dad once threatened me with violence because I said that speaking on the phone made me dysphoric, but there was no follow through.

This was early on and he was actually pretty supportive when I started transition years later. Go figure. My bio-dad is an alcoholic and this was also around the time I started distancing myself from him. The second person I talked to was a woman. My one memory with her is trying to describe height dysphoria.

When I said I was too short, she informed me that I was an average female height, which still upsets me because of how acutely she managed to fail to identify the problem: not that I felt that my body was wrong, but that it was wrong for me. Having seen two therapists unqualified to deal with my issues and being a sheltered kid just trying to get through college, I gave up and retreated online. I spent most of my time in my dorm room or in class. I had still never had any real meaningful talk with a therapist about my feelings.

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  7. I was intensely jealous that some people had access to better services than I had. When I was her age, I only really knew one other trans individual personally. We met online and meeting him a fellow FTM was like meeting a unicorn lol. Personally, I think informed consent should be available for adults. However, I also think that, as with smoking and other risk factors, doctors should at least be required to do some very basic screening and bring it up with the patient.

    If someone along the way would have said to me,. If you still want to start testosterone after that and your bloodwork is clear, we can go ahead and give that a try while continuing to treat your other symptoms. How does that sound? I mean… I might still be in the same predicament, but maybe not. I would definitely be happy to see it shared with others though, and it would be great to hear from more people with similar experiences. My wife Marie and I have 4 children, 3 girls and a boy who we have raised together. They are all now grown up and 3 have families of their own.

    This is the story of her rapid onset gender dysphoria, which happened back in Out of the blue, when just 12 years old, my daughter said to us she was a boy and would now be called Sean. She cut her hair and dressed as the other young men dressed. Prior to the announcement we had absolutely no idea, she was a very feminine young lady. Amber is an intelligent person, she spoke 3 languages by this age and stood out at school not only for having lesbian parents but because she was very academic. She spent her summers at university summer schools in Cambridge and Bath designed to cater for children like herself.

    She did not have much in common with her peers and had no friends who were girls at school. When she spoke to us about these feelings we did not dismiss it or try to talk her out of her belief. To us, food was more than just food — it signified financial safety, a lack of scarcity and hunger. For my parents, my siblings and I were not just children, we were pockets in which they could invest assurance and safety; a second chance to witness childhoods without want.

    My parents worried about us ever going hungry, and by eight years old, I was consuming cod-liver oil supplements daily and eating almost nonstop. In my consumption of the safety my parents provided, I was losing some of my agency as societal fatphobia affected me. My complex relationship with my body began early; with every look in the mirror, I asked myself, "Am I to be thankful or remorseful for this body?