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At first, Willa thinks the elderly occupants of Eldritch Manor are being kept against their will so she begins snooping around for answers. What she discovers is wilder than she could have ever imagined. Now not only must Willa keep things tidy, she also has to deal with Belle, a cranky old woman in a wheelchair, Baz, the lackadaisical chef, Horace, a forgetful older gentleman, and a number of other strange house guests, each with surprising secrets.

The huffy little house brownie and the coins that roll uphill were really what had me hooked.

Series: Eldritch Manor

In fact, I would have liked to learn more about them. We never really learn any of their backstory, except for the odd vague clue, and it would have been interesting to get to know them better. I loved the first half of this story. There are fun misunderstandings and lots of questions raised as we get to know the characters and find out who they are. The build-up is fantastic! But then the ball drops somewhat. Near the end things become a bit muddled and hard to picture.

Like with the backstory for the characters, I felt there were areas where the story could use some expansion. It felt like a loose thread. That being said, I really did enjoy Eldritch Manor. Unfortunately, this is not explained, and some readers will wonder what happened to Bella and Willa's grandfather. This is a bit of a mystery which leaves the reader to think about through the book.

Don't you? She hissed at Willa, making her jump.

Angry as she was, there was a tear in Belle's eye as she gripped the wheels of her chair and rolled out of the room. Willa was left behind, alone and utterly confused. A good adventure should be believable, logical and consistent in action, setting, plot and characterization.

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For the most part, Eldritch Manor succeeds in doing so in spite of such a varied mixture of supernatural beings and one extinct mammal. Most of the action in Eldritch Manor takes place in a great battle involving an evil entity who wants control over a device that allows the inhabitants to live in one time and place.

The Eldritch Manor Series 3-Book Bundle - Kim Thompson - Paperback () » Bokklubben

Showing great bravery, Willa and the others win the battle and save the world. Eldritch Manor would appeal to the imaginative middle elementary age reader with an interest in mythology, fairies and magic.

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Eldritch Manor is a retirement home for some very strange beings indeed. All have stories to tell — and petty grievances with one another and the world at large.


Storm clouds are on the horizon, however, and when Miss Trang departs on urgent business, Willa is left to babysit the cantankerous bunch. Can she keep the oldsters in line, stitch up unravelling time, and repel an all-out attack from the forces of darkness … all while keeping the nosy neighbours out of their business and uncovering a startling secret about her own past? With plenty of mystery from a Fuller family curse to an unseen cat that haunts the manor and mounting crises that force Willa to find her confidence.