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Southern writers at century's end.

Folks, Jeffrey J. Jeffrey Jay , Disseminating Lacan. Medicare : new directions in quality assurance : proceedings of an invitational conference. Great solid state physicists of the 20th century. Peter Debye. Peter Debye : a life for. George Saintsbury Edward Dowden Gerard Manley Hopkins John Robertson Presidents, diplomats, and other mortals : essays honoring Robert H. Clifford, J. Garry John Garry , Peel, J.

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Joyce's allmaziful plurabilities : polyvocal explorations of Finnegans Wake. Knowles, Sebastian D. Sebastian David Guy , author of introduction, etc. The individual and tradition : folkloristic perspectives. As others see us. Asian Power Shift. Bloomsday : essays on Ulysses.


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Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cities - 4 Volumes

Old Trails on the Niagara Frontier. Severance, Frank H. Frank Hayward , Talking music. Calendar of the Laing Charters, A. A flying life : John Duigan and the first Australian aeroplane. Memoirs of the insurrection in Scotland in Sources for the study of Greek religion. Rice, David G. David Gerard , Puccini's Madama Butterfly. Speaking of dance : twelve contemporary choreographers on their craft.

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The changing face of economics : conversations with cutting edge economists. The blind men and the elephant : mastering project work : how to transform fuzzy responsibilities into meaningful results. Use of drugs in psychiatry : the evidence from psychopharmacology. Naturalism : a critical analysis. Moser and David Vandell -- Knowledge and naturalism. Reliability, maintainability, and risk : practical methods for engineers. Smith, David J. David John , June Diagnosis and management of peripheral nerve disorders. Mendell, Jerry R. Jerry Roy , Language, democracy, and devolution in Catalonia.

Lost kingdoms : Celtic Scotland and the Middle Ages. Final Causality in Nature and Human Affairs. David A. John W. Burbidge, The Cunning of Reason.


Economics as literature. Congress and policy change. Carmines and James A. Changing social science : critical theory and other critical perspectives. American industrialization, economic expansion, and the law. Sloan -- Law and economic. Versprechen und Verlesen : eine psychologisch-linguistische Studie. Leveling the playing field : the story of the Syracuse 8. John Willie Godbolt Illiberal justice : John Rawls vs. Multiculturalism, identity, and rights. China's communist revolutions : fifty years of the People's Republic of China. The Serge-Trotsky papers.

  1. Buddhism and the Neo-Avant-Garde: Cage Zen, Beat Zen, and Zen.
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  8. The post-surrender. Plants for medicines : a chemical and pharmacological survey of plants in the Australian region. Willa Cather at the modernist crux. Hitchcock at the source : the auteur as adaptor. American Buddhism as a way of life. Smith -- D. Suzuki, "Suzuki Zen," and. Trustee for the human community : Ralph J. Bunche, the United Nations, and the decolonization of Africa. Keller, Edmond J. Edmond Joseph , editor. The man-leopard murders : history and society in colonial Nigeria.

    The Final solution : origins and implementation. Soviet Union -- History -- German occupation, -- Congresses.

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    Double-edged diplomacy : international bargaining and domestic politics. Congress and United States foreign policy : controlling the use of force in the nuclear age. Signs and symbols in Chaucer's poetry. David Baker : a legacy in music. Jazz matters : sound, place, and time since bebop. Psychology gets in the game : sport, mind, and behavior, Davis, Matthew T. Huss, and. Global perspectives on industrial transformation in the American South. Teaching and learning English worldwide. Encyclopedia of race and crime.

    Pocket guide to addiction assessment and treatment. The Toyota way to healthcare excellence : increase efficiency and improve quality with lean. Advances in industrial and labor relations. Religion and terrorism : the use of violence in Abrahamic monotheism. Capitalism and classical social theory. The handbook of community practice.

    Gates, David Dobbie -- Community economic. Scholars at War : Australasian Social Scientists, Conversations with cinematographers. Specifically, if females can discriminate siblings from nonrelatives, then they are expected to produce a higher proportion of daughters if they mate with a sibling.