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The one other choice with that same style combo is Luke, a soaring hit name. Jude is an uncommon alternative with breakout potential.

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Jude was originally called Judas Thaddeus. It was shortened to Jude by English translators of the New Testament so that he wouldn't be confused with the other Judas Judas Iscariot - the one who betrayed Jesus.

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Most versions of the bible other than English and French refer to Judas and Jude by the same name. Jude came into use as a unisex name in the s in England during the Protestant Reformation. Though rare at the time, it was used almost equally for males and females until the mid s, when it started to lean male. The name was used infrequently throughout history until very recently. Jn The person intended is almost certainly the other Jude, named in the gospels among the relatives of Jesus Mt ; Mk , and the James who is listed there as his brother is the one to whom the Letter of James is attributed see the Introduction to James.

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Nothing else is known of this Jude, and the apparent need to identify him by reference to his better-known brother indicates that he was a rather obscure personage in the early church. But since its purpose is to warn the addressees against false teachers, the author must have had in mind one or more specific Christian communities located in the unidentified region where the errors in question constituted a danger. While the letter contains some Semitic features, there is nothing to identify the addressees specifically as Jewish Christians; indeed, the errors envisaged seem to reflect an early form of gnosticism, opposed to law, that points rather to the cultural context of the Gentile world.

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Since there is no evidence for the view that both authors borrowed from the same source, it is usually supposed that one of them borrowed from the other. Since there was controversy in the early church about the propriety of citing noncanonical literature that included legendary material, it is more probable that a later writer would omit such references than that he would add them.

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Many interpreters today consider Jude a pseudonymous work dating from the end of the first century or even later. While impressive, these arguments are not entirely compelling and do not completely rule out the possibility of composition around the year A.

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This little letter is an urgent note by an author who intended to write more fully about salvation to an unknown group of readers, but who was forced by dangers from false teachers worming their way into the community Jude 3 — 4 to dash off a warning against them Jude 5 — 16 and to deliver some pressing Christian admonitions Jude 17 — The letter is justly famous for its majestic closing doxology 24 — Penelope Cruz, 45, stuns in a white prom-style gown as she receives Lifetime Achievement award from Bono at the San Sebastian Film Festival Amy Childs continues to flaunt her impressive two stone weight loss as she slips into a leopard print dress for beauty launch Advertisement.

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