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If you're running and not seeing results, take a look at your calendar. Doing one minute run or a couple minute runs a week won't burn enough calories to lose weight. In order to lose a pound a week , you'll need to cut calories each day, through a combination of diet and exercise.

You just got back from a run, you're covered in sweat, and you're convinced you burned over calories. But did you really? A pound woman will burn calories running for 45 minutes at a minute-per-mile pace. If you didn't run for that long or that fast, then you're not burning as many calories as you thought.

How Much Running To Lose Weight?

It's best to track your workout just to be sure, using a heart rate monitor or one of these cheap running apps on your phone. If you found a great three-mile loop in your neighborhood, running it for a few weeks can help running become a habit. The problem lies with continually doing the same running workout.

Your muscles will quickly adapt to the demands you're placing on them, which is a surefire way to hit a weight-loss plateau.

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Avoid this issue by mixing up your running workouts: include speed intervals, hills, long runs, and short runs, and run on different surfaces and in new places to keep your muscles guessing and continuously strengthening. Check out these four training techniques that will challenge your run. As mentioned earlier, it's also important not to make running your sole source of exercise. Include other forms of cardio as well as strength training since muscle mass burns more calories and speeds up your metabolism.

Running is one of the best ways to tone your lower body because it helps diminish fat while building muscle. You may still lose weight with running alone but honing in on your diet can help excel your efforts.

Running for Weight Loss: 8-Week Training Schedule | Openfit

But the running group who also covered more than three miles per week, but also made tweaks to their diet, lost This means you will run shorter intervals a little faster than longer intervals. The schedule includes both beginner and intermediate options. Here are some tips on how to adapt it for you and your fitness level:. Calculating calorie burn for an activity like running is more complex than it might seem.

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Note: Make sure to give your body plenty of recovery time. Wait at least 48 hours before doing your next intense training session. Follow this with short accelerations gradually increase your pace over a short distance of about m until you almost reach a maximum sprint to get your muscles ready for the intense workout coming up.

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After your workout, jog at a slow pace for at least 10 minutes to cool down. Are you interested in learning more about improving your running performance?

How to Lose Weight Running

Check out our best bodyweight trainings to improve your strength as a runner. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thanks for your good rating — we are happy that you like this article. Share it with friends to inspire them too! Aerobic intervals In this type of interval training , the ratio between work and recovery is 1 to 2.

How to do it: The work phase lasts 20 seconds. Intervals at your 5k race pace In these intervals, the work and recovery periods are equal.

How to do it : The work phase lasts 4 minutes. Continuous run at your 10k race pace In contrast to the intervals, you run at a constant pace throughout this training exercise. How to do it : The work phase lasts 30 minutes. Herwig Natmessnig As a former professional athlete whitewater slalom , Herwig lives for fitness.