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Would you like to practice for 15 minutes instead of 2 hours for the same amount of improvement?

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I have over 10, personal students who learn with my premium programs…. More than , email subscribers receive my language learning tips, lessons and motivational stories…. If you're ready to become one of the world's best English learners in just 15 minutes a day , I'd like to introduce you to The Fluency Bridge Learning System. And 6 of these powerful Lesson Sets — each focused on a common conversation theme, like social media, cooking and professional communication — have been combined into one proven, bestselling program called The Fluency Course!

And as you work through each video and audio step-by-step, and progress through each Lesson Set, you move closer to fluency speaking success You get the complete program immediately - more than 39 hours of video and audio training available for streaming online or instant downloading so you can learn whenever and wherever you want, even without Internet. Specifically Designed For Busy.

Whether you want to advance your career, raise your pay, connect with more customers and clients, improve your test scores, travel with greater ease and confidence, increase your longevity and mental health, or just have better relationships with the English speakers in your life…. Say "Hello! Viviana, a learner from Chile, told us:. I'd never done that before and to my surprise I understood almost everything!


We talked for a while, then he asked if I had lived in another country. When I answered 'no,' he asked, surprised, ' So how come you speak English so well? Carlos, another of our students from El Salvador, had this to say:.

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I can really express what I want to say , and I feel so much more confident. Thank you! Last month I was participating in an employment selection for one big law company with English-speaking requirements. And I aced it! I could speak very confidently in English and was able to understand and to answer every question i was given. I got it.

I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bhaskar, from India, had this to say:. This course made me a confident speaker and my fear of speaking English vanished. And Jaroslava, from Czech Republic, told us:. Now, with my improved speaking skills, I was able to find higher paying clients for my business!

How much happier would you be if you had complete confidence when speaking English? Would your life be less stressful , more productive and more full of success if you could communicate without hesitation? The opportunities you receive, the people you meet and the rewards you earn with fluency are truly priceless. And for the improvements it can give to your life and career, it could cost much more Free Gift 1.

The first piece of our toolkit is our Interactive Video App available right in your online account with all your lessons! This special APP , which works on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones , lets you These mini-dictionaries give quick definitions of every word and phrase covered so you can quickly review everything you learn in the lessons.

As you work through these lessons, your ears become more sensitive and you become much more able to understand even conversations with multiple speakers. This special video program reveals a way of seeing the world that makes everything possible.

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It will motivate you each day , and show you exactly how to reach your English-speaking goals. In this collection of 16 Fluency Missions , I explain exactly how to meet native English speakers to practice your spoken English — for FREE — no matter where you live in the world! I show you how to do this online, and in person, right where you live.

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This piece of the program is so helpful that learners regularly write to thank me about it specifically Gosina, one of our students from Germany, told us this:. I improved so much, and made so many friends I still speak with! Gosina proves that you really can meet people to practice speaking with no matter where you live in the world. This training ALONE is so valuable because it saves you the hundreds or even thousands of dollars many learners spend on expensive teachers and classes.

Once you know how to meet people, you can meet native English speaking practice partners as you like without spending any money! There are no hidden payments or fees. That's right.

Just email me at info englishanyone. Before this offer disappears:. I'm here in Sydney as postdoc visiting scholar and having fun talking with my pleasant colleagues at University and with other people on the street in English.

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English is getting better. Seriously it makes me feel better. Kathleen Sears. The Cambridge Dictionary of English Grammar. Pam Peters. The Joy of Syntax. June Casagrande. Introducing English Grammar. Navigating English Grammar. Anne Lobeck. Essentials of English Grammar. Sue Baugh.

Fluent DOES NOT mean you can talk about advanced topics

An Introduction to English Grammar. Gerald Nelson. Periplus Pocket Japanese Dictionary. Yuki Periplus Editors. Russian Grammar Workbook. Terence Wade. Speak Japanese Today. Taeko Kamiya. Sentence Structure. Nigel Fabb. Welcome to Japanese. Kenneth G. Understanding Syntax. Maggie Tallerman. Japanese Language. Haruhiko Kindaichi. Japanese Grammar. Kimihiko Nomura. Tuttle Concise Japanese Dictionary. Samuel E. The Elements of Grammar in 90 Minutes.