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The Dreyfus affair: The story behind Polanski’s film

We are part of a long continuum: each generation has a responsibility to transmit history's truths, to add to the moral foundations of society and government, to inspire an understanding of the ethical issues that face all indi - viduals. Much has changed since the turn of the century; much has remained the same. The last century pro - vided ample evidence that the issues raised by the Affair continue to have relevance.

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The darkest horrors are there but so are the shining examples of resistance, hope, and triumph. Active participation and inquiry are essential to an environment that will encourage citizens to reflect, analyze, and make responsible choices. The rights we enjoy in Democracies are never absolutely secure: it is necessary that those who value justice and liberty, defend in order to preserve them.

Lorraine Beitler, Ed. Article 1 [The law] must be the same for all. Article 6 The free communication of thought and opinions is one of the most precious rights of man.

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Article 11 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen [] E vents at the close of the eighteenth century provided a violent prelude to the development of modern France. After the storming of the Bastille in , the monarchy was abolished and the revolutionary French Republic proclaimed the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

New democratic principles ushered in a century of enormous change, accompanied by dramatic shifts in power and outbreaks of social and political unrest, as France struggled to maintain its position as a world leader. As the century progressed, the influence of the Church continued to wane, particularly in the field of education. Economic depression aroused social discontent. Military decline following the Napoleonic Wars was compounded by defeat in the Franco-Prussian War of , loss of Alsace-Lorraine, and crushing reparations.

These humiliations provoked the desire for revenge la Revanche and lent strong social and political support to military authority as the guardian of national honor.

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Journalism became an important engine of opinion. The nineteenth century witnessed an extraordinary expansion of the press and opportunities for worldwide communication. Mechanization reduced costs and allowed for proliferation of imagery to an ever-expanding public-- with all the attendant possibilities for publicity, propaganda, and sensationalism. The Republic faced antagonism from a broad range of political groups--from monarchists and militarists on the Right, to socialists and anarchists on the Left. Some groups wished to work for peaceful reform; others were committed to revolutionary change.

During the period of the Dreyfus Affair, anti-Semitism was developed as a nationalist political platform. Rabble-rousing tactics produced a climate of unthinking prejudice which would explode during the Dreyfus Affair. On October 15, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, an artillery officer assigned to French Intelligence, was told to appear at the Ministry of War, in civilian dress. Dreyfus was then immediately arrested. On October 29, an anonymous letter informed the antisemitic newspaper, La Libre Parole that an officer of the General Staff had been arrested.

Fabricated documents, never seen by the defense, were used to secure the condemnation of Alfred Dreyfus. Awardsline Expand the sub-menu.

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The Dreyfus Affair

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  • More Expand the sub-menu. Follow Us. After the first book it really made think about the history of Israel and history about the Jews. I was really glad that I was able to read the second one. This story is about The Dreyfus Affair, which actually happened. It starts when Dan's brother, Eran, finds the Time Tunnel. Then they go on a wild ride so unpredictable that even teenage Eran gets surprised. They help Dreyfus withstand the humiliating ceremony. I learned more about history and I wish I could have a time tunnel near my house! I recommend that others should read this book! I loved this book!

    It was very interesting all the way through and I think pictured a very important subject. I got the first book from this series a couple months ago, I loved it! I bet this one will be just as great also pj our way has shown me many books I would not even know existed with out their help.

    I'm thinking about getting this book so can you guys write down more so not only I can see how good it is! It is part of the Time Tunnel series and is about a trip by a boy and girl into France in The boy and girl, Dan and Sharon, have already made multiple trips into the past, but in this book, they witness an anti-Semitic incident.

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    I like this book because it taught me a lot about Antisemitism. It is an exciting book, and I think everybody should read it. Review by Isaac, age 10, Tennessee. That means she has written the most books! Besides writing, Galila served in the Israeli army and has been a foster mother to ten kids, as well as mom to three children of her own.

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    The Dreyfus Affair and Anti-Semitism: AP Euro Bit by Bit #36

    Boring and short. Interesting but short.

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    Pretty good! Great book. I loved this book it was awesome!!!!!! Odd, short and boring. It was a great book.

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    Yeah kind of good It was great. This Book was Really good. You should read this book if you like jewish history. Not even one star. I really liked it.